Sprinter van floor plans

Sprinter van floor plans

Check out the tour of my new Sprinter Van here. Otherwise, continue on to check out Sprinter 1. When I was coming up with the concept for my Sprinter van conversion, I knew I wanted not just an adventure mobile to haul my gear, but a comfortable place to live and work.

With this in mind, I had a few priorities when I was designing the van:. I opted for the high roof, Cargo style van and added sliding door and back door windows. When I was coming up with the concept for the layout, there were a few different options for the bed. The first option was a dinette. This would maintain the walkway and give me a place to work, but it would be near impossible to have a bathroom.

Plus sleeping vertically meant that the entire back half of the van would be devoted to the bed. The next option was a platform bed, where the bed is built on a large platform with a bunch of storage underneath. This option would provide the most storage space but would again eliminate the option for a bathroom. This would maintain the walkway and the open feel of the van, giving me space for a bathroom and galley along the back wall, and I could enjoy the views as I sat and worked on my blog inside the van.

With the couch and the passenger swivel seat, my van can comfortably seat people. So at bed time, all I have to do is remove and store the table, unhook the bed, and the bed slides right out in one swoop. The 1-gallon propane is stored in a cabinet under the sink and is enough for a week or longer depending on how much I use it.

I also wanted a place to do dishes as well as brush my teeth, wash my hands, etc. Since the galley is on the back wall, it had to be built right over the wheel well. I wanted a bathroom for a couple of reasons.

Second, as solo female, I wanted to be completely self-contained for safety reasons. So that was my reasoning behind having a toilet. Finally, having a hot water shower inside the van would make living in the van year round a more sustainable and enjoyable.

sprinter van floor plans

The bathroom is completely enclosed in the back corner of the van. This means there is no plumbing associated with the toilet. You sit on it just like a normal toilet, do your business, close the lid, open the flusher, press the water button, and close the flusher. To clean it out, you simply separate the bowl from the holding tank, you unscrew the lid and pour it down into the dump, just like you would for a black water tank. Then rinse, reassemble, and you are good to go.

The shower head is made by Camco Model in chrome. I chose this shower head because it has an on-off switch on the handle. Paired with a 6 foot long shower hose, I can also use the shower to hose down gear or my feet outside.

I have a gallon water tank inside the van and another gallon tank underneath the van outside. The floorplan afforded quite a bit of storage space. I have a large floor to ceiling cabinet where I store all of my clothes, another big closet for gearand a couple of drawers for my toiletries and electronic equipment.

The galley has storage for kitchen items, and then overhead cabinets run along one entire side of the van. This is where I store food, books, and other random things. I recently installed the raised headliner shelf by RB Components which fits right in the headspace above the driver and passenger seats.Yes, you want to get started. Yes, you want to hit the road.

But remember, the layout you decide on for your Sprinter Van is basically permanent, and you want to make sure you get it as right as possible the first time. My major priorities were:. At first, all you really need in your van is an air mattress, sleeping bag, camp stove, and cooler.

Hit the road with your essentials and see how you are using the van. The Overland Expo is a twice a year gathering in Flagstaff and Asheville where hundreds of adventure-mobiles and vendors gather for a weekend of sharing ideas and the latest products.

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I took my van to the Overland Expo for the first time in May, and one of the most functional Sprinter floor plans I saw at the Expo belonged to advanturing. They had a Sportsmobile converted pop top, an open aisle that allowed you to walk all the way to the back, and a galley where the side door opens up. The Expedition Portal, Overland Bound, and the Sprinter Source are three great ones where you can ask questions, check out van builds, and get all kinds of ideas for your design.

How you use your van now might be different than a year from now. For instance, when I bought my van and started building it, I was single. My floor plan still works for our family of three, but my storage needs changed after the fact.

My advice is to think about the future and make sure your floor plan is appropriate for whatever direction your life might go. Of course, you want a beautiful van that fits your style. Related There are 18 comments on this post.

Share About the author Hi! I'm Kristen I feel most alive in the outdoors and created this website to help you enjoy the best that the West has to offer. Expanding on the long term… also decide if you are going to live it in full time, part-time or just use it for shorter term adventures. If the latter, your layout and design can be much much simpler.

Many folks are using these vans as their one and only all-around multi-purpose vehicles! I purchased a used Ford Sportsmobile last year as my starter van.

The one feature that attracted me to this particular van is now my most hated feature! My main advice is watch the placement and shape of overhead cabinets. Try to minimize the head bumping opportunities as much as you can!Our customers have left reviews about their experience with us on the CMCA hosted website RV Pages- read what they have to say about us! Our fly screens are the all year around Bestseller. RV's owner 's.

Feel free to download one of the floor plans. Print them out and make a few rough drawings. We created a little questionarie to see what kind of traveller you are and to get a clearer view what YOU like and what you realy need on your trip s.

Amazing 144 Sprinter Van with a FULL BATHROOM - VAN TOUR

Have a look and you might surprise yourself. Set of driver cabin insulation screens for various models. Download the floor plan from your van:. How many weeks or months each year you want to travel? Do I need standing height inside the vehicle?

Do I have particular special needs? How much money I would like to spend? I am the adventurous or comfort lover or practical focused or Backpacker style typ of traveller? Ford Transit Commercial van Ford Transit. This floor plan is for the low and mid roof based modell build from Ford Transit Draufsicht.

Adobe Acrobat Document Mercedes Sprinter and Floor plan for the big commercial van. JPG Image Hiace specs from mid ties.

sprinter van floor plans

Toyota Hiace size dimensions from the early to mid 80 ties model. VW Transport T4. Fiat Ducato LWB. Fiat Ducato Transporter floor plan with dimensions for high roof model- sold in AU from to Renault Trafic post LWB. Renault-Trafic0floor-to print. What do I need in my future camper? Questionarie for a future camper conversion.

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Your consent to our cookies if you continue to use our website.The 27 sq. The patented Leisure Lounge Plus system allows for 6 completely different seating and dining configurations completes the living space. The Unity FX's rear coach area features an integrated, multi-height ottoman makes a perfect footrest, coffee table — even work desk. The Unity FX features two separate living areas; giving you more space, more comfort, and more room to roam.

The Unity FX features an almost king-size Murphy bed to take in the greatest feature of all: a completely customizable headrest. Perfect for reading or watching a movie on the inch LED screen. Twin beds offer impressive storage underneath and can be filled in to form a bed wider than a king-size bed. Swivel the front captain's chairs to create a comfortable and memorable dining experience, or convert the front seats into a comfortable chaise lounge.

The Unity Island Bed features an outstanding 63 cubic feet of exterior storage including a rear pass-through storage compartment. The galley in the Unity Corner Bed features a deep stainless steel sink, 2-burner cooktop and 6.

The standard booth dinette shown or optional U-Lounge folds down to form a second bed for guests or grandchildren! The spacious rear living area is equipped with an entertainment unit and residential-like sectional sofa where two power recliner seats with built-in footrests provide personalized comfort at the touch of a button.

The touchscreen controls add new levels of convenience to the RVers experience. The Rear Lounge can be set up in many configurations.

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Lounge on the sectional sofa with built-in power recliners, set up a mobile workstation with the innovative swivel table, or bring down the Murphy bed to transform the space into a luxurious master bedroom.

The dinette conveniently converts into an innovative bed system.

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With four seatbelts, the Unity Rear Lounge is perfect for day trips with friends, family, or that special trip with a grandchild. The Unity Rear Lounge is built on the all-new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Cab Chassis, providing new levels of luxury, comfort, and safety previously not available in a Class C motorhome.

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Please contact us for more information. Find Dealer. More More More More More. More More More More.One of the great things about doing your own van conversion is that you can make it exactly as you want it.

This page provides some help on where to find good example layouts and some tools to help you pick the best layout for your needs and tastes.

There are lots of things to consider in arriving at a layout that works for you — some of them…. I think its a good idea to make a list of all the things you want to include in the van and check each potential layout against the list.

Lots of van conversions have been done over the years, so there are lots of good sources for layout ideas out there to help you get started.

sprinter van floor plans

There are some good YouTube videos that show a variety of layouts for camper vans. This one from Which Motorhome Magazine does a video tour of 15 different commercial European camper vans. The forums for the various vans all have posts that show a variety of layouts and a lot of discussion about them. Sportsmobile has some good example layouts with pros and cons and some tools to make layouts see below. The ProMaster Forum has a thread that is a collection of interior layouts that have been used on ProMaster conversions mostly by forum members.

This is an article from Paul N. Worth considering for several reasons. The nice thing about doing your own van conversion is that you can get the exact layout and equipment you want. There are several tools you may find helpful in refining your layout. This is simple, easy, and does not take much time.

Just get some quad ruled paper, pick a scale so you can draw accurately about 1 inch per foot and have at it. Its easy to try a lot of ideas as it takes so little time do one of these sketches. This is 3D CAD drawing software that is pretty easy to learn and use, and the regular version which is very capable is free. It might take about a day of playing with it to get to the point where you can use it well enough to do a van layout.

The 3D SketchUp Warehouse has quite a few 3D models of camper vans that might serve as a starting point for your model. Here is a picture of one of them:. There are some YouTube videos that show SketchUp models — for example…. It seemed like some paper sketches going to crude real mockups worked out better for me — but, everyone is different. There is one version of the tool that works with scissors, paper and glue, and a 2nd version that does all the same stuff using an online tool.Multi-use camper vans with features ranging from bathrooms to kitchenettes, and more!

A spacious smart environment suitable for business meetings and family road trips alike. HQ offers various kinds of builds to fit your travel needs whether for business or personal usage! A sophisticated and chic travel space able of accommodating a large group of passengers. A luxurious first-class private travel environment, rivaled only by private charters. Achieving a unique blend between work and play via plentiful amenities and electronics.

Exhibiting an elegant and private atmosphere whether utilized for productivity or relaxation. Representative of a high-end personalized travel environment. Our signature line of custom Mercedes Sprinters. As a Daimler Vans Master Upfitter, HQ Custom Design has paired the unparalleled performance and safety that Mercedes-Benz Sprinters are known for with our in-house engineering and superior craftsmanship.

Our design approach treats the Sprinter van as an empty canvas enabling us to offer a wide assortment of different floor plans and formats that are tailored specific to the needs of each client or individual business. We offer financing on all of our custom conversions.

In conjunction with Mercedes-Benz vehicle warranties, each of our conversions includes a 36, mile or a 3 year warranty. Please visit our galleries to view images and detailed descriptions of each build, and please call us at or email us at sales hqcustomdesign.

HQ transforms imagination into first class travel environments, do not hesitate to let us know about any unique preferences, as we are here to find your travel solution. Schedule a Consultation! Manufactured to the specifications of each client to create a unique and personalized travel experience, our diverse host of floor plans allow for meticulous customization of every nook and crevice.

Find out more! Limited Edition Custom Mercedes Sprinter. Rivaled only by private charters, each build is customized to the full preferences of each client for individual usage.

HQ offers options and solutions to meet your travel dreams. Learn more! Ambassador Edition Conversion Sprinter Van. A private multi-purpose environment featuring an elegant interior and a number of on board electronics and amenities, perfect for holding business meetings as well as traveling with the family.

See more! Grand Edition Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. Providing a luxurious environment and assortment of amenities for labor and relaxation. Whether utilized for more professional usage or personal, each van is tuned to fit your travel needs.

Check 'em out!

Sprinter Van Floorplans

Executive Mercedes Sprinter Conversion Van. With an open concept interior, this model provides the perfect setting to transport key personnel within a productive environment filled with amenities and features.

View more! Family Sprinter Conversion Van.For an in-depth look into our models, features, specifications and programs, get your hands on a copy of the Pleasure-Way brochure via mail or download.

Enjoy the benefits of flexible parking by allowing yourself to be more spontaneous with your next adventure! Optimized for dynamic driving, our motorhomes provide the maneuverability needed to venture off the beaten path and explore whatever catches your eye.

Merging on highways, navigating rush hour and pulling into campgrounds will feel as easy as driving in your everyday vehicle. Every facet of the interior has been designed to provide all the fundamentals of RV life while prioritizing the convenience of its occupants.


You will find multiple sleeping options, a full kitchen, a bathroom, plenty of storage and a dining area to bring the comforts of home in a compact space. The strategic and purposeful placement of each feature creates a simple set up once you arrive at your destination. Since all your gear is with you and maneuvering is so simple, you can be more spontaneous with your adventures and quickly move onwards to your next destination.

All models features two seven-inch touchscreen control panels that manage key functions of the coach. The intuitive touchscreen features climate control, automatic generator start AGSa 12V real-time amperage meter and responsive lighting controls. These batteries are extremely safe, maintenance free, fast charging and will last for — life cycles, saving you money on replacement costs.

All models have available solar panel packages with an integrated battery charging system that range from 95 watts to watts. The solar panel system provides power to the coach batteries and will extend the use of the 12V DC and V AC systems while away from shore power on your off-grid adventures.

The standard watt Pure-sine wave inverter will provide power to the TV and Blu-ray player, the microwave and most VAC receptacles when not plugged into shore power or running the generator. The inverter is a vital component of our all-encompassing approach to support dry camping capability.

We maintain this status by upholding the highest standard of quality and upfitting guidelines, giving you exceptional confidence in choosing Pleasure-Way for your next RV purchase. Enter your email address to receive news and important information from Pleasure-Way.

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Sprinter Standard Plans

Get Your Copy. Go Anywhere Optimized for dynamic driving, our motorhomes provide the maneuverability needed to venture off the beaten path and explore whatever catches your eye. Compact Convenience Every facet of the interior has been designed to provide all the fundamentals of RV life while prioritizing the convenience of its occupants. Quick Setup and Go The strategic and purposeful placement of each feature creates a simple set up once you arrive at your destination.

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